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Herbal Salve

Herbal Salve

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This Herbal Salve is hand crafted in small batches from my home in Kansas! My family and I have been using it for years, it is definitely a tried-and-true product! The salve is made using oils that have been infused with high quality, organic herbs. The properties of this salve can speed up the natural healing process. Comfrey promotes new cell growth. The Plantain and Calendula assist wound healing, reduce inflammation, and reduces the appearance of scars. This product is not meant for deep wounds.

Use: Apply a small amount to a CLEAN cut, scrape, bruise, sting, bite, etc. Reapply a few times a day as the wound continues to improve.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Comfrey, Plantain, Calendula, Beeswax, Lavender Essential Oil, Blood Orange Essential Oil, Tea Tree Eseential Oil

2oz Aluminum Tin with Twist Top

**Tin packaging can be reused or recycled. **

If left in the heat, the salve can change consistency and become more runny and less hard. It is still okay to use. Salve is best kept in a cool, dry place.

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Customer Reviews

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Herbal Healing for Shingles Rash

My name is Pauly Piccirillo. I'm an author of several publishings, teacher, homesteader, composter, natural gardener, etc. I've had chicken pox as a baby, and naturally, a case of the shingles (at age 53) appeared on my forehand. The shingles rash was in my scalp and making its way into my left eye.

My wife had purchased the Botanically Made healing salve. I applied it occasionally, but wasn't sure what it would do for me as I didn't even know what I had at the time. However, my wife insisted. I knew she was right as I am one who believes in natural remedies. I just wasn't sure what I had.

After a diagnoses from a doctor's appointment, he confirmed I HAD a case of the shingles. I repeat, I HAD a case. What he said to me was very comforting, "I am really surprised at how fast you healed."

The shingles rash appeared and was healing within a week.

I told him I applied a healing salve and he said, "Good thing you did because it was headed for my eyeball and shingles in the eye is extremely dangerous." He believes in both pharmaceuticals and homeopathic approaches.

I know the healing salve was instrumental in the healing process. So, I wanted others to know there are alternatives to pharmaceutical "medicines".

I wish I had a before picture but I didn't know I'd be writing about Botanically Made healing salve. Please see my after pic I uploaded.

Thank you to the maker of this healing salve. It could have been much worse but I was on top of it before any doctor's appointment. I hope it encourages others to use it for anything, even if they don't have the shingles rash.

Pauly Piccirillo
Author and Publisher of nature. and Pauly Nation (Youtube)


Summertime equals lots of scrapes, stubbed toes and bug bites in our house of toddler boys. We have been using this for all of our little owies lately and we can tell it makes a huge difference in the healing process. And I love how I know what is going on my family’s body in terms of ingredients.

Ronda George
Chapped skin

I get chapped hands all year. They are like sandpaper. This helps with that a lot. I used it on a cut after the skin sealed a bit. It healed very nicely.