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Warming Pain Salve

Warming Pain Salve

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This Salve is hand crafted in small batches from my home in Kansas! This salve works by herbs that help to reduce swelling and discomfort. The “hot” part of the salve, cayenne, works by increasing blood flow to the wounded area and therefore decreasing discomfort and supporting the natural healing process. It can be used for relief from a number of minor pain related issues.

Use: Start by testing a small amount of salve on a small area of skin. It is warm to the touch and those with sensitive skin may need to use much less than others. Start with a penny sized amount and apply it to the affected area by massaging it in gently. After 20 minutes, if you do not feel relief, you can apply more to the affected area. Continue this process until you notice an easing of discomfort. How much salve you need greatly depends on the type of wound and your level of skin sensitivity. This is why I recommend starting with a small amount and working up to what your body needs.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Cayenne Pepper Powder, Ginger, Rosemary, Turmeric Powder, Beeswax, Wintergreen Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil

Precautions: Wash your hands after applying and avoid contact with your eyes. I do not recommend this product for children and I also recommend you keep it out of reach from children. Avoid contact with clothing or furniture as it does stain. Do not apply to an open wound. Do not apply this salve if you plan on being in the sun for a long period of time.

2oz Aluminum Tin with Twist Top

**Tin packaging can be reused or recycled. **

If left in the heat, the salve can change consistency and become more runny and less hard. It is still okay to use. Salve is best kept in a cool, dry place.

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Customer Reviews

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Edith Ramlow
Wonderous Relief and Great Scent!

I love the scent of the Pain Relief Hot Salve and the relief I feel in my arthritic feet and hands. I’ve used it on my low back as well, and am pleased that it has a warming degree of heat over a larger area then the either too hot or too cold sense of some other name brand rubs and salves. I gave it four stars because I wouldn’t wear it to work with my dressier outfits because it can stain, and it does tend to slightly stain my skin an orangish rust color.
Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the product.

Terrible exzema

My daughter has suffered terrible exzema since she was 3 and she’s 11 now and after going through 100s and I mean 100s of different products, different serums, different dermatologists, steroid creams,allergy tests. We decided to try this pain and itch salve and I kid you not it was gone within a week. She used it everyday with her flares ( which right now was everyday) and it was gone. She now uses it once a day as a preventative and it has worked wonders on her skin.


I've been using on my arthritis in my hands every night. The morning pain, swelling and stiffness has improved greatly. Also use nerve pain in knee.